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October 8, 2011

Oh my gosh! I’ve been busy with college, in another modeling contest, doing promotional modeling, and trying out for TV shows and totally forgot about those special people who have helped me along the way!

My most sincere apologizies to Smitty and Mccain, but my heart holds a weak spot for the guy who took pity on a notorious spammer during the month of November last year…; sorry I have not visited your blog for while…congrats on the new one, by the way!  As always, it appeals to the Conservative side of this girl!

You can find out more about Smitty and McCain on datechguy’s webpage.  And don’t forget to tune into datechguy’s Radio Show on Saturdays!  Visit his link above for some laugh and giggles and sometimes not so PC information that we all should hear!




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  1. Hallie I’m thrilled that you remember me

    There is a small chance I might be in Arizona for a day next month, I’ll update you if I can

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